Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bottle Cap Color Sorting

Kids love to sort, plain and simple! Dollar Tree sells some wonderful 3 section trays that my daughter loves to use to sort. One of her favorite things to sort is bottle caps. I recycle lots of our bottle caps for this and other craft/learning purposes. 
As you can see we had green bottle caps and white bottle caps for this sorting activity. I made 3 labels for the 3 section tray. I just used a green post-it note for the "Green" label, and a white index card cut down to size for the "bottle cap sorting" and "white" labels. My daughter was to young to actually read the labels at this point, but it really benefits kids to get used to being in a print rich environment from a very young age. As adults we're always dealing with labels and signs so it doesn't hurt to get them in the habit.

My daughter grasped the concept very quickly and had lots of fun sorting all the bottle caps.

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