Saturday, April 5, 2014

Turtle Labeling Activity

This activity that I made with paper, colored pencils, index cards, scissors and a pen is inspired by this Montessori puzzle. My idea with it was to get my pre-reader used to looking at words and to start learning them, as well as teach her about the parts of a turtle. This activity is very easy to put together and can be used with a Pond Animals Theme.
Now, I know I am no Picasso, but I've got to draw these things to the best of my abilities sometimes for DIY home school resources. All I did was draw a turtle on a piece of paper and write "Reptile Turtle" on the paper as the label for the paper. Then I wrote all the parts on index cards and cut them down to size. The parts are carapace, neck, head, claws, plastron, and legs. I have all the labels sitting on and around the turtle in this picture where they're supposed to be.

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