Friday, April 4, 2014

Gross Motor Baseball Painting

I only took a picture when we first started to demonstrate, since I got in on the action with my little one. This is a great painting activity for when baseball season starts, it's something you could do with your tot before home opener is on to get them excited. It's also just something fun to do outside to get up and moving and strengthening those ever so important gross motor skills.

We brought a piece of finger paint pad paper outside and set it on our little table. You could also use poster board if you think your tot will want to do this for a while, and if you want to make an artwork on a bigger scale. We also brought out our baseball, and red washable tempera paint. We used red paint because we root for the Cardinals, you can use whatever color team you root for if you want. However, I think we would've chosen red anyway because baseball's are red and white no matter what team you're rooting for. I think that's actually why we chose the red!

Now, to start you can just squirt some of the paint on the side of the paper, or put some on a paper plate and coat the ball on that first. But then you and your little one will want to roll the ball all over the paper to create gorgeous artwork with the seams of the ball, and again strengthening gross motor skills.

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