Friday, April 4, 2014

Zoo Animals Word Wall

This is the first word wall I'm sharing! We usually do a word wall for each of our themes. Even before children can read they really benefit from being in a print rich environment. I like to use a pointer and read all the words each time we enter the classroom. So here's our Zoo Animals Word Wall
The animal cutouts were purchased from Dollar Tree. There were some other animals included in the pack and duplicates of each. Very worth the $1 they cost!

For the words I used index cards, a Sharpie, and funky scissors. I just write each word on a separate card and then cut them out. I had a title "Zoo Animals" and then the words were zebra, hippo, elephant, monkey, kangaroo, horse, giraffe, zebra, bear, penguin, sting ray, lion, and tiger. Your words might be a bit different depending on what's at your zoo.

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