Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pirates Treasure Oobleck

Today I'm going to share with you a VERY FUN and VERY MESSY sensory play experience your kids will absolutely love. First things first, the main material is oobleck (aka goop on some occasions). If you've never made Oobleck before then read on to find out how.

To make this black oobleck for your Pirates Treasure Oobleck bin you'll need:
- Cornstarch
- Water
- Black food coloring (this will leave yours and your little ones hands stained until you get a good soak in the tub, so if you're opposed to that you can buy black washable liquid water colors and use that instead)

First, put the desired amount of cornstarch into your bin. Then slowly add some water and mix with your hands until you get the right consistency. It will probably end up being about 70% cornstarch at least in your mixture. If you add too much water it'll be all watery and won't work at all. You should be able to grab some of it up with your hand and then it should instantly start turning back into a liquid and running off your fingertips. The sensation is amazing and I think I might love it more than my daughter! Guaranteed neither of you will be able to keep your hands out of it. Okay, okay, back to the how-to. After you've got that mixed how it needs to be, add just a couple drops of your black coloring and mix it in with your hand or a spoon.

Then to turn it into Pirates Treasure Oobleck add in a whole package of fake jewels from the aquarium section of your local pet store.

Tell your little one the main idea of this bin and let their imaginations take control of the rest. For added fun you could also give them an eye patch.

This activity is best done outside since it is pretty messy. The mess can be contained though if you'd rather do it inside. Just stay on surfaces that you're able to wipe down afterwards, and keep plenty of paper towels (wet and dry) nearby. I've also found that when doing such messy play it's handy to have the bathroom prepped for a quick rinse off or bath. Having the towels and such already there will assure you don't get them messy when you're grabbing them too.

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