Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reindeer Pancake

Now, I've seen a lot of reindeer pancakes floating around on Pinterest, but I must say I think mine is the best! The antlers I've seen are always made of bacon, and not everyone eats bacon (especially young kids). So here's my rendition that I made for my daughter for breakfast on Christmas last year.
-Pancake mix of your choice
- 2 blackberries
- 1 strawberry
- Amber agave nectar (or maple syrup, whatever you prefer your kids have)

So, you make a pretty decent sized pancake first for the reindeer's head, then you make a smaller one for his little nose area. Then you make another big one and overcook it a little so it's more brown than the other pancakes. Cut that pancake into the shapes of two antlers. You can just do four strips, two big ones and two little ones and then lay them on the pancake/plate how they go. 

For the rest of the face, add two blackberries for the eyes, and cut off the leafy top of a strawberry and use that bottom up for the nose. Then you can add some agave or syrup onto it or give it to your kids in a little bowl for dipping if they'd like.

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