Friday, April 11, 2014

Homemade Scented Shape Flashcards (DIY)

Do you love doing flashcards with your tot? I know I do! It always makes me feel good to make/do a homemade version of any of our favorite things. I loved presenting flashcards I made all on my own to my daughter! I made Scented Shape Flashcards.
To make these and have them be scented like ours you'll need:
- Index cards or card stock paper cut down to size
- Sponge painting shapes
- Paint (I used acrylic paint)
- A Koolaid packet in the scent of your choice
- A paper plate or something similar
- A sharpie marker (preferably fine tipped)

Step 1:
Mix the paint and the Koolaid packet together on your paper plate or whatever you're using. Dip each sponge shape, one by one, into the scented paint and make it's print on the index card. Once they're dry use the sharpie marker to label them with the names of the shapes. I also added how many sides each had. 

Your child will love having these scented flashcards as a part of their math learning tools.

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