Monday, April 14, 2014

Zoo Bath

This bath is a great addition to a zoo animals themed week or lesson plans. It doesn't take too much time to put together either!
You will need:
- Neon green food coloring
- Black crepe paper
- Black construction paper
- Tape
- Scissors
- Shaving cream
- Plastic containers
- Makeup brush or paintbrush
- Neon blue food coloring
- Green food coloring
- Animal paper cut outs from Dollar Tree

Fill up the tub with water and color it with neon green food coloring.

Cut strips of black crepe paper down to size for the outside of the tub area and tape them to it to look like cage bars at the zoo.

Cut out the word zoo out of black construction paper and tape it up in between the bars like I did in the picture.

Tape up the animal paper cut outs on the shower wall. Then make bath paint in green and neon blue, and paint little areas of grass or water underneath the animals for their habitats. 

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