Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Hospital for Broken Books

Above is a photo of our Book Hospital. I made this as a place to store the books that need repairing. It helps my daughter learn to be responsible by having to place her broken books in there. It helps me to fix them in a timely manner, and it looks darn adorable. I think a Book Hospital would look great in any playroom or classroom.

To make one all you need is:
- A relatively small sized tub/bin of your choice. I love everything about ours, shape and handles. We purchased it from the Dollar Tree. I'm sure there's still similar options there.
- Paper
- Tape
- Markers

All I did to label ours was write "Book Hospital" on some thick white paper, and color a couple little hospital symbols on there. Then I cut that out with funky scissors and taped it to the bin.

It's really simple to use. You can keep it where kids can reach to make it easier for them and teach them to be responsible for their books. I have ours on top of one of our lower bookshelves. Then when you find time you take the broken book(s) out and repair them. Then they go back in the Book Hospital to recover and you tell your child when they can get them out again.

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