Friday, April 4, 2014

Edible Apple Pie Paint

In the fall season there's lots of talk of apples and apple pie, but these things go on in other seasons too so I'm sharing it now in spring anyways!

Lots of people are always searching for "edible" paint recipes that they can use to allow their babies or young toddlers to get creative without fear they'll ingest something toxic. This paint recipe is totally edible, but still the ingredients aren't things I'd want my daughter eating really. She doesn't eat the paint though so it's not a cause of concern for us. Many parents would not mind there kids ingesting this paint either.

To make this wonderfully scented sensory paint just put some whipped cream in a bowl (we used the kind that comes out of a spray can). Then add a drop of green food coloring and mix it in with a spoon or a straw. Then shake in some spices that you like for apple pie. We used cinnamon and a little bit of nutmeg.

I gave my daughter a small paint brush to use with her paint. She made some beautifully smelling art work!

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