Friday, October 9, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Sensory Bin/Small World

I just adore small worlds, I think they are so perfect to get kids wanting to play with some of their dolls or figures or whatever that they might not have played with in a while, or just gives them the opportunity for pretend play in a little setting that often has a scenario or theme already.

For this sensory bin/small world I made it pumpkin patch themed for the fall time. 

I made this for my daughter when she wasn't even 2 yet and now she's almost 4 but I got the pumpkin cut outs at Dollar Tree when the Halloween/Fall things were out. I can't imagine something like that would be too hard to find these days now though, or that it's even 100% necessary to the bin.

What you'll need to recreate a pumpkin patch sensory bin/small world like this is:
- ground coffee
- some Little People or other figures
- some green pipe cleaners
- a fake squash perhaps (Dollar Tree)
- a real small pumpkin
- pretend small pumpkin/whatever else little pumpkin things you might have that you could put into a pumpkin patch themed bin

I have that little pretend pumpkin and "welcome great pumpkin" sign from a Charlie Brown play set we have.

We took this bin outside to make it even more real since pumpkin patches are outdoors, and because this bin can be messy if coffee grounds start flying everywhere. They didn't with us, but some did get out of the bin which. I had it laid out on a outdoor blanket for easy clean up and comfort for Charlie sitting on the deck.

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