Friday, October 2, 2015

Spider Themed Halloween Bath

I made this spider themed bath for my daughter back in 2013 when she wasn't even 2 yet. I mention that because I thought it was so amazing how much these themed baths really do help kids with their early literacy skills even at such young ages. When she got into this bath I pointed to the word "spider" that I had written on the wall with bath paint and read it to her and we looked at the letters. Then she, without prompting, took the bath paint and said aloud "s p" as she wrote those letters on the wall. 

To make this bath all you need is
- purple food coloring
- black food coloring
- dollar store shaving cream
- plastic bowl
- make up brush or big paint brush
- craft foam spiders or craft foam to make spiders out of yourself
- plastic spiders and/or plastic spider rings

As you fill up the water you can be making the bath paint. Just squirt some shaving cream into the bowl and use the brush to stir the black food coloring into it. When the tub is about half way full add in some purple food coloring and swish it around to color the water.

After that use the bath paint yourself to write "spider" on the wall of the tub. Set the bowl of paint and the brush on the side of the tub for your child to use. Toss in some plastic spiders/spider rings and get the craft foam spiders wet and stick them to the wall.

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