Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dr. Seuss Day Breakfast

Here was our Dr. Seuss Day Breakfast!

We had green eggs with organic ketchup, Cat in the Hat skewers, and Pink Ink Drink. Pink Ink Drink is my own idea and we have it every year! I'll share the recipes on this post.

For the green eggs I used Trader Joe's organic brown eggs with added omega 3's. I cracked them into a bowl and whisked them a bit, then I added in quite a few drops of neon food coloring, and regular green food coloring. They mixed together to make just the color I wanted when I whisked the rest of the way. They came out beautiful after cooking as well, as you can see.

For the Cat in the Hat skewers I put some slices of organic bananas and organic strawberries on a skewer to look like the cat's hat, and then I put a jumbo marshmallow on for the cat's face. We didn't have a food marker or I would have drawn him a little cat face on there.

For the Pink Ink Drink (which I was inspired by One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish to make) is made by blending some organic strawberries with some organic almond milk.

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