Thursday, March 5, 2015

Glitter Hot Air Balloon Craft

As part of our transportation theme we made this Glitter Hot Air Balloon Craft. It looks so cute hanging in our classroom/playroom. 

To make it you need:
- a paper plate
- hole puncher
- yarn
- glue
- glitter
- paper cup
- tape
- scissors
- a puppet of your child (you make a puppet of your child by cutting out a picture of them, and taping a popsicle stick to it

Step 1:
Punch a hole in the top of the paper plate so you can put some yarn through it. Use enough so you'll be able to hang it down from the ceiling, taping it to the ceiling and tying it around the paper plate's hole. You can also tape it down to the paper plate for more security.

Step 2:
Punch a hole in each side of the paper plate, and do the same for the paper cup you'll be able to hang the paper cup from the paper plate. You can tie the yarn around the holes and then tape it for extra security like you did with the plate.

Step 3:
Smear/squeeze glue all over the paper wherever the glitter is wanted. Shake the glitter over top of the plate, trying to get most on the glue, then shake paper plate over the trashcan to get the excess glitter off. Set on the counter or somewhere to dry.

Step 4:
Once it's all dry, put the puppet of your child into the paper cup. Use the popsicle stick to poke a hole through the bottom of the paper plate and stick the puppet down far enough into the paper plate until it looks normal for this craft.

Step 5:
Tape it to the ceiling if you want!

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