Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Invitation to Create Bunnies

This idea popped into my head one day, with Easter coming up, and I was amazed at how good the set up turned out. I love invitations to create and always love setting up a great one for my daughter. This one was absolutely perfect. I hope you and your kids will have fun with it too!

So, the idea was to set out some bunnies and books about bunnies that had pictures of them. These things serve as the inspiration for the child to make their own bunny or bunnies. I put out our Thumper stuffed animal, a Little People bunny and carrots, a carrot Easter egg, and some bunny books. There was also a Thumper Easter book laying nearby that by daughter ended up choosing to model her bunnies after in the following picture.

So, after I figured out what the inspiration was going to be, I needed to decide what art supplies to put out to give her enough options to get creative with the making of her bunnies, but to also keep with the realistic bunny theme.

I decided on three sheets of construction paper, one in white, one in orange, and one in green. I would have laid out a gray one too if I had one. I picked these colors because I was picturing bunnies on the white that she could color with the crayons, green for maybe some grass, orange for a carrot if she wanted.

I laid out 6 crayons (black, gray, orange, white, green, brown). I chose these for the colors of bunnies, grass, carrots, drawing a face or other details). I'll say now that I ended up needing to get a yellow sheet of construction paper and a pink crayon for my daughter as well for her background, and for the inside of the bunnies ears, per her request. I totally allowed that, as this activity is also very free flow.

I also had out scissors, a small bowl of googly eyes in various sizes, a bowl of cotton balls (think bunny tails), and a bottle of glue. We also needed to grab some qtips to use with the glue, because that's how we like to do it sometimes.

This was her selecting her bunny (Thumper) in the book. It was her idea to also wear the bunny ears during this activity, such a cute addition!

First she took the white piece of paper and the gray crayon and drew the outline of her bunny. I was amazed by it! She cut it out a little bit and then asked me to do the rest because she didn't want it to loose the shape she had designed. I gladly helped, and then she used the crayons to color the bunny the way she wanted to, trying to model it off of Thumper.

Once she was finished coloring the bunny and his ears, we used the green construction paper to make grass for her yellow background. I held the paper for her while she cut little lines on the paper to make it look like grass. Then she glued that on to the paper, then she glued her bunny on to the paper and glued his tail on as well.

She then decided to take the brown crayon and just draw another bunny right on the paper next to her Thumper, she was drawing his sister Daisy. Then I put the carrot inspirations out for her to look at while she drew carrots for the bunnies to have.

Then we made the decision to add the googly eyes to the bunnies because they looked a little funny without them. 
This was the finished product of my daughter's Invitation to Create Bunnies. Beautiful! 

Your little one will have so much fun doing an invitation to create based on bunnies like this! You can put out whatever bunny things you like, including Easter bunny stuffed animals, any books with bunnies in them. You can put out any supplies you like, if you're modeling yours off your Easter bunny collection maybe you'll need pinks and other pastel colors. Just make sure you keep it free flow for your kid to create, and try to let go of trying to control the process. 

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