Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hilarious Hopping Bunny Trail Painting

Have you ever gotten on of those bunnies that they sell around Easter time that you can wind up and they hop all over the place? They are too great to pass up. They always make my little one laugh so hard, and she laughed even more when it was leaving a bunny trail during this paint activity.

All you need for this activity is one of the hopping bunnies (they can be found at Target, and I think the Dollar Store, and probably a variety of other places as well), a paper plate, some white paper, and any color you'd like of washable tempera paint. My daughter chose pink for ours.

All you do is lay out the white paper on the table or whatever hard, flat surface you have for your bunny to hop on. Then you squirt some of the paint onto the paper plate in a little puddle that you can dip the bunnies feet into. Once you've done that you wind it up and set it on the paper. It will start hopping all over leaving a trail of paint behind it!

My daughter just loved this activity. I bet your kids would too! It's the perfect fun time Easter craft!

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