Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Word Wall

As always, we do a word wall for the upcoming holiday, and in this case that is St. Patrick's Day.
I think it turned out pretty cute, although I am in no way a good shamrock drawer! I tried for my daughter though, but the most important part is the literacy aspect and learning the words, being in a print rich environment, etc.

I wrote the words on index cards with a green Sharpie:
- gold
- Irish
- St. Patrick
- shamrock
- green
- Blarney stone
- jig
- rainbow
- trifolium
- clover
- pot of gold
- luck
- harp
- march
- leprechaun

Then I used a different green marker to draw/color a shamrock on each card, and used other markers to make a rainbow on the "rainbow" card.

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