Friday, May 16, 2014

Baby Food: Exploring New Textures And Combinations. Carrots & Peas

Don't those textured purees look delicious, especially side by side?

Baby will surely love these! Carrots are safe to introduce to babies 4 months and up, while peas are safe to introduce to babies 6 months and up. You also want to only introduce one new puree at a time in case there's an allergy. But since both of these purees are more textured (usually started around 8 months) to help baby learn to chew, you've probably already introduced both, making them a safe side-by-side choice.

Now, our pea purees were always pretty textured due to the peels and all that. So peas always offer a new texture for babies. Carrots don't exactly puree perfectly smooth either, but to make them more textured and even have some soft lumps to start baby off on some real chewing, follow this method:
Wash, peel, chop and steam the carrots until they're pretty tender when poked with a fork. Then pulse them while you puree them. Most food processors/blenders have this option as one of the buttons, and the Baby Bullet manual explains how to do it. This will puree some and also leave some soft chunks in there for baby to begin chewing! Make sure you're nearby when they're eating (you'll probably be feeding them anyways).

Serving foods side-by-side like these helps baby get used to a variety of flavors in their daily diet and get more nutrients since both veggies offer different ones. You could even try pureeing them together if you think your baby would like that.

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