Thursday, May 15, 2014

Medieval Times Lapbook

So this week we're beginning our medieval times study. It'll be a one week unit just like all of our other themed studies are. To kick things off, I put together this Medieval Times Lapbook for my baby daughter. 
It would have been a lot better with pictures added to it, but our printer is on the fritz and I wasn't able to go print at the library before this lapbook needed to be made. I used a manila folder, white paper, black sharpie markers (fine tip and regular), scissors, and a glue stick.

I used the regular Sharpie marker to write "Medieval Times" as a title for the lapbook. For each section I wrote on the white paper, then cut it out, and then glued it onto the manila folder. 

The information I have on each section was found on a few different websites about medieval times and the middle ages. 

I made sections about hobbies, weapons, heraldry, women's fashions, Marco Polo, cooking, foods, knights, instruments, sports, art, famous castles, centuries, and general idea about the time.

I didn't include EVERYTHING from every subject or even all the subjects there could possibly be since there's so much information about the middle ages. I just had what I wanted for my daughter to learn this week right now in our study.

- church organ
- harp
- fiddle
- rebec
- psaltery (cross between harp and guitar)
- dulcimer
- hurdy-gurdy
- flute 
- trumpet
- shawn
- recorder
- bagpipes

Knights had to know how to fight and play instruments and dance.

- hunting
- hawking
- gambling with dice
- backgammon
- chess
- story telling
- dancing

- barley, oat, rye for poor
- wheat for the wealthy
eaten as bread, porridge, cruel, and pasta
- fava beans
- veggies: onions, garlic, beets and carrots
- pork, chicken, beef
- cod, herring
- food preserved by drying, salting, smoking and pickling
- almonds to thicken soups, stews, and sauces, almond milk
- two meals: dinner big midday meal, supper in evening
- everyone ate together (including servants)

- bow and arrow
- mace
- axe

Time of violence. Power and wealth were sought after.

5th - 15th centuries. "Middle ages."

Famous castles:
- Tower of London
- Warwick Castle
- Windsor Castle

- Cooked over open fire
- ovens only at bakeries
- kitchens in the middle of living area to provide heat

Showed off with heraldry.

- form of soccer
- wrestling
- archery
- early form of bowling
- ice skates were cow shins

Marco Polo
Italian merchant wrote detailed journals of his travels to China, India, and Japan. Giving Europeans their first idea of it.

- church mosaics
- women became artists 
- illuminated manuscript
- sculpture
- stained glass

Women's fashions:
- long cloaks
- closed and pointed shoes
- gold, silver, pearls, and precious stones were lavished onto clothing.
- hats were of wire framework covered with embroidery or lace
- long trains on dresses
- long sleeves, hanging and fringed. 

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