Friday, May 16, 2014

Night Sky Themed Bath

This bath makes a great surprise for bath right before bedtime, or anytime! It's easy and frugal to create as well. All you need is yellow craft foam, white craft foam, scissors, and blue food coloring. Before you run the bath water cut out a crescent moon shape from the white craft foam, and some stars from the yellow. Once you've got those ready, fill up the tub with water. Once it's halfway full add in some blue food coloring until you get the desired color. Then set the craft foam moon and stars on top of the water. 

Your little one will be delighted by this night sky scene in their bath! They can take the craft foam pieces and stick them to the walls of the shower as well. Just getting craft foam wet makes it stick to the shower walls like magic! That's what makes it frugal. Craft foam is not that expensive, and when used in this way it dries and can be reused again and again and again. Between uses I store ours in labeled Ziploc bags.

A perfect compliment to this bath is our Shimmering Night Sky Bath Paint.

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