Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rapunzel's Magic Golden Flower Bath Paint

Like I mentioned before in my Tower Craft post, this week is our fairytale themed week AND my daughters been obsessed with Tangled lately. Sooo when making some regular old purple bath paint last night I got this great idea! I wanted to make the bath paint look like those little purple flag things from the movie with the yellow sun/magic flower shape on them. They're pretty significant since Rapunzel herself is looking at one when she realizes she's the lost princess.

My daughter LOVED seeing my rendition of this in her bath paint, and when she used it the two colors worked beautifully together.

To create it yourself you'll need:
- shaving cream
- a plastic dish
- makeup brush or paint brush
- neon purple food coloring
- yellow food coloring

Step 1: Squirt the desired amount of shaving cream into the container.
Step 2: Squirt in some of the neon purple food coloring and mix that in with the brush until all the shaving cream is colored.
Step 3: Rinse off the brush and squirt a dollop of shaving cream onto it. It should be big enough that you can plop it right in the middle of your already made purple bath paint in the container.
Step 4: Take your brush and carefully (as not to turn it purple) smooth out the dollop of new white shaving cream and drag out some lines like slightly curvy rays of the sun.
Step 5: Add just a few drops of yellow food coloring into the center of the sun shape. If you use too much it'll end up orange. Now, take the brush again and do like you did with the shaving cream in step 4, but to spread around the yellow color.
Step 6: Present to child and let them enjoy.

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