Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fine Motor Heart Drop

 My daughter is just a whiz at fine motor activities, but they are still fun for her to do. We like to recycle and reuse things, and my cousin had an empty Pringles can so we said we'd take it! We turned it into this Fine Motor Heart Drop.

You will need:
- Pringles canister with lid
- Pink construction paper
- craft foam heart stickers (can be purchased at Dollar Tree)
- wooden hearts of assorted colors (I'm not sure where these were from, we've had them for a long time, but I'm willing to bet you could find something similar at a craft store like Hobby Lobby. 
- scissors
- tape

So, you tape the pink construction paper around the Pringles canister to cover it, then you let your little one decorate it with the craft foam stickers. 

Cut a slit just big enough for the wooden hearts to be stuck through. 

And there you have it, your little one can fill up the canister with the wooden hearts. Having fun and honing their fine motor skills! Great thing to have the kiddos do while you are making their lunch or something, and it's especially perfect to have during this time of year when Valentine's day is coming up. 

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