Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Safari Bath

This is such a cute bath and I just adore this picture of my daughter! I'm very excited to share this bath with you!
All you need to recreate it is:
- green food coloring
- shaving cream
- a plastic bowl
- paint brush
- animal print crepe paper, can be purchased at dollar tree
- some toy safari animals
- binoculars (optional)
- an explorer hat (optional)
- some safari animal cut outs, can be purchased at dollar tree in the school aisle (optional)

You just fill up the tub about halfway then add in some of the green food coloring, mix it around and continue to fill the tub up. Then you make the bath paint by mixing shaving cream and green food coloring together until you get the color you like, I used neon green food coloring for the bath paint.

Set the animals around the sides of the tub, or add them into the water. Tape up the crepe paper and cut outs and there you have it!

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