Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MLK Day Equality Craft

Equality should be taught to children all throughout the year, but on MLK day it's always nice to talk about what a great man Martin Luther King Jr was and what his dream was, and work in a lesson on equality. In addition to reading some books and having a discussion, we did this craft.

It's a collage of all different kinds of kids from magazines we had. Not only are the kids of various nationalities, but we also talked about other differences people can have and got some of varying hair and eye colors as well.

Not only was this obviously a great lesson in how all people have their differences but are all equal, it was also good fine motor work. My daughter is a pro at cutting and gluing by now, but for kids just starting out with these skills it's great practice.

And the greatest part, she was so proud of it!

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