Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Bucket List

There's not a whole lot of Winter left and there's so much to do! Make the best of the last weeks of your Winter with these fun ideas!

(Picture from last year, we haven't had enough snow to do this yet this year)

1. Making potato heads in the snow, just like in this picture above. All you need to do is form a snow potato head shape, and help your little one stick in the pieces.

2. Snowman breakfast with snowman shaped pancakes with coconut flake snow falling down on the plate, and vegan hot chocolate.

3. Tape Resist Snowflake. Use painters tape on a canvas to make a snowflake, then let your kiddo paint over it. Once the paint is dry peel the tape off and you'll be left with a really pretty winter artwork to display.

4. Bring some snow inside and make snow paint with it. All you need to do is mix some snow with food coloring.

5. Sparkly Snowflake Craft. Get some black or blue construction paper and use some glue to make a snowflake shape, then let your child shake some white sparkly glitter on top to make a cute snowflake craft.

6. Bring some snow inside to paint it. You can put a big sensory bin outside when it starts to snow and let it fill up, or just after it's snowed go shovel some snow into the big sensory bin. Then fill up a tall glass with water and add in an entire Kool-Aid packet. Then pour that into an empty water bottle and poke a small hole in the lid. Then you let your little one squeeze the water bottle over the snow to paint it.

7. Make a pizza that's shaped like a snowman with organic Mozzarella cheese and black olives as the eyes.

8. Make hot chocolate scented sensory rice for sensory bins or tot trays. All you have to do is take some uncooked white rice and put it in a ziploc bag with a little bit of alcohol until it's all coated. Then add in a packet of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations hot chocolate scent. Zip up the bag and shake it all around to get all the rice coated in the hot chocolate color/scent. Then you can lay the rice out on a sheet of foil until it's dry. Then get to using it for your sensory plays!

9. Make a mitten hand print. Paint your little one's hand with white paint and then put their hand print on a colored piece of construction paper. Once it's dry you need to cut the construction paper out around the hand to make it into the shape of a mitten.

10. Read The Mitten by Jan Brett. This is such a good story, and we got to meet the lovely Author and get her signature on our copy.

11. Winter I Spy from The Pleasantest Things. 

12. Build igloos out of sugar cubes. 

13. Take a bath with hot chocolate bath paint. Just mix shaving cream with a packet of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations hot chocolate packet,

14. Make snow play dough. All you need to do is make a batch of white play dough! You can use it with toy winter animals.

15. Make smores.

16. Paint a snowman with puffy paint. Make puffy paint just by mixing equal parts shaving cream and glue.

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