Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fine Motor Valentine's Cards

Valentine's day is right around the corner, and when your little one has lots of loved ones in their life it's best to get started on the Valentine card making early so in case they only want to make a few at a time there's no rush. However, when making these Valentine's cards your kiddos will probably want to go on for quite some time. I know mine did! 

These are great for fine motor skills, fun for kids (since every little one I know LOVES stickers), frugal to make a lot of, and cute cards that people will love receiving 

All you need to buy is two things from the Dollar Tree: a pack of construction paper, so you can use the red paper, and a package of different colored and sized craft foam heart stickers. Your little one will use their fine motor skills to peel the papers off the craft foam so they can stick them to their paper. They will be creative while they design the Valentine's any way they want. This is a time to praise them for their creativeness and efforts to make cards for other people. We made a list of who we needed to make cards for first so we could keep track and also because I wanted my daughter to think about who she was making each one for as she was making them.

Like I said I let my daughter get creative and design these however she wanted without intervening because they were her cards she was making for her loved ones. We do plenty of educational activities at all other times. However, if you want to work on colors, numbers, big vs small, patters, etc. you could use these hearts to do so with conversation while making them.

Here's how the ones she made turned out. I think they are so creative and beautiful. 

You can see I cut the pieces of construction paper in half as to make more cards, make our hearts go farther, and it just seemed nicer to send that size so people could put them on display easier. I also used a few pieces of pink printer paper that we had lying around in addition to the red construction paper so she could have options.

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