Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Abstract Ladybug Art

Since making art with little ones is all about the process, abstract art is perfect for them! We recently made this Abstract Ladybug Art as a card for Charlie's grandma. That's why our version in the picture says "GA GA" in tape resist letters (my daughter calls her grandma that). However, your version could be with no tape resist letters on it at all, or if you wanted a different word or words, perhaps your child's name.

Here's our version, and how to do it:
So, to make it without doing any tape resist, you would just give your child a piece of paper and some red paint and let them paint the paper. Then after that dried you would give them the paper back, with some black paint and a qtip. You'd show them how to make the little dots.

If you did want to do some tape resist letters or something, you would just use masking tape to cut pieces of tape how you wanted them and attach them to the page before any painting was done. You'd peel them off carefully after all the painting was completed and dried.

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