Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Frozen Themed Sensory Bath

My daughter just adores the movie Frozen and loves sensory baths, so what could possibly be a better combo?

To create a Frozen sensory bath complete with a Bath Tub Sensory Snowman, and Icy Bath Paint, you will need:
- neon blue food coloring
- a pair of gloves for the child
- a container for your snowman
- baking soda
- water
- craft foam in black, orange and another color
- bowl for the bath paint
- ice cubes either blended or hammered until they're in chips
- shaving cream
- make up brush or paint brush
- a Frozen book, optional
- A blue plastic snowflake ornament

Here's what our bath ended up looking like when it was all put together!
I added neon blue food coloring to the water to make it the color I wanted, used some of the bath paint to write "Frozen" on the wall of the tub and add some icy snow looking things coming down, and taped up the little snowflake, then set everything else out.

Now, to make the Bath Tub Sensory Snowman:
Mix the baking soda and water VERY slowly, adding VERY little water between each mixing time. You want a consistency you can start to mold in your hands but still crumbles. Too much water and it will just turn into liquid.
Then you put it in the container that you want to use, I used a 3 part tray from Dollar Tree. Finally, use your craft foam to cut a face for the snowman and buttons and add those on.

My little one loved makes snowballs with her snowman and eventually having him melt in the water.

To make the icy bath paint you just need to mix shaving cream and neon blue food coloring in a bowl until you get the desired color, and then stir in the ice chips. They'll melt fast so you want to do this part last so you're children can experience some of the iciness.

I also read aloud our copy of the Frozen book while she played in the bath, that's what brings the gloves into play if they want to act out the story a tiny bit.

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