Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Ultimate Pouring Bath

Even though this activity is in the tub I added it to our list of "Water Play" things because it's great for those kids who love to play with water and do all the pouring and scooping.

So to make this fantastically fun bath that is sure to delight any toddler fill up the tub with water, and add a few drops of food coloring in their favorite color about halfway through. That will add another exciting element for them! Then add things (in the water, sitting on the side of the tub) that they can use to put water in, transfer water with, do neat water effects, etc.

We used the following:
- A recycled puffs container
- two small tupperware containers
- a recyled water bottle
- a toy teacup
- a big plastic measuring cup
- toy watering can
- plastic pitcher
- funnel
- handheld colander

You'll probably have most of this stuff at home, or similar items. If not, most can be found at Dollar Tree as well. We got that handheld colander from there and it was the funnest thing in the tub!

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