Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Field Trip to See Flowers

A few important part of homeschooling for preschool is going to fun places that kids will get some knowledge from and enjoy. Plus, it's fun to get out of the house with your kids anyways. This is a great activity for the Spring and Summer months. It's a field trip to see flowers! Seeing the flowers can open up opportunities to many great educational discussions. Colors of flowers, names of flowers, what flowers need to grow, parts of flowers, etc. are all great conversations that could stem from this free field trip. Yes, you heard right, it's also FREE! (unless you end up buying something while you're there) lol.

Look at those beautiful flowers my girl is enjoying! Wondering where to go? We went to the outdoor gardening/floral section of Menard's. You probably have a Menard's or a Home Depot around you, or just a nursery.

Whatever you have near you for viewing flowers, it's definitely worth checking out with your little one.

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