Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Alphabet Soup Water Play

This was a HUGE favorite on my previous blog, and it's a big hit here in our house as well! Kids love water play, and parents love it to when it's a way to help them beat the heat outside in the Summer sun. Another super bonus is there's learning involved! You'll need two big bowls, water, a ladle (or two if you're my daughter lol) and a pack of magnetic alphabet letters. Fill one of the big bowls up with cold water and all the letters. Take it outside in the yard or wherever, then bring out the other bowl and the ladles.
Charlie dug right into it! I bet your child will too! As they enjoy the water and the scooping and pouring, work the learning in. Tell them what letter they have in their ladle or hands. You could also talk about the colors of the letters and how many their are in which bowl. The opportunities are pretty plentiful. 

You can even get some greater pretend play out of it than just the "soup" aspect. You could bring out some little plastic bowls and have them serve you up soup! You could order up certain letters in your soup!

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