Friday, March 14, 2014

Safari Animal Prints Play Dough Play

Does your little one love play dough as much as mine does? If so, you're likely looking for new ideas of what to add to play dough play to keep it varying and interesting. This one is a big hit with my daughter and her friend!

It does require a little bit of money and set up, but you likely already have some of what you need, and the rest is optional. Do what you can!

 - Tape
- Animal print crepe paper (I used zebra and cheetah
 - Play dough (I used homemade green)
- Safari Animal Figures (we have the Animal Planet Mother & Baby Play Set but you could easily use other animal figures, from the dollar store or the zoo perhaps).
- For added pretend play fun to make my daughter feel more like she was on a safari she wore a zebra hat and used some binoculars.

As you can see, she was thrilled to see this set up!

How I set it up is as follows:
 1. Use tape to add the animal print crepe paper as a border on my daughter's table.
2. Flatten out our batch of homemade green play dough in the middle of the table.
 3. Place the animal figures around on the table.
4. I set my daughter up with her hat and binoculars and let her get started.

 You can see how she took the animals and made their footprints. I explained to her and showed her an example beforehand. This is a great activity for a little bit of science about animals. We looked at each foot print and talked about it and why that animal has a foot like that for the enviornment they live in.

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