Thursday, March 27, 2014

Farm Sensory Painting

On a nice warm day it's so much fun to go outside and create big works of process art! To make Farm Sensory Painting you need:
- A sheet of finger paint paper
- A piece of corn on the cob
- A plastic cow toy or other farm animal
- Paint in light and dark green (I find acrylic paint works better than washable tempera for this type of painting with prints and rolling, but it does stain if you're concerned about that).

Charlie had a lot of fun with this painting. She got to experience some new things and feelings with the corn on the cob, including shucking it. She thought that was very strange.

She also started doing some walking on the page after we did plenty of cow footprints too. That's perfectly okay, it's all about the process and sensory aspect. Walking feet through a paint is a great new experience for those feet!

 To get the print from the corn like we have you just have to roll it back and forth several times.

I hope you enjoy this Farm Sensory Painting as much as we did.

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