Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leaf Rubbing Craft

This craft can be done in almost all seasons. It might be especially interesting in Spring when all the leaves are growing on the trees, or in Fall when they're changing colors and falling down. Both times provide great opportunities for some science discussions. In Spring you could talk with your child about how things grow and bloom, and what plants need to thrive, how trees provide oxygen, etc. In the Fall months you could talk about how deciduous trees have leaves that change colors and fall, the roll chlorphyl plays in the coloring of the leaves, etc. No matter what time of year you do this craft you can discuss the veins of the leaves, as they'll appear on the rubbing.

So to set up, all you'll need is:
 - one or more leaves, I like to add a few for variety
- one or more crayons, again just depends on how you want it to look
 - a sheet of white paper

Before we got started I had my daughter come outside with me to pick out the leaves. It was fun for her and got her ready for the craftt he really enjoyed doing her leaf rubbings. To make the rubbings put the leaves under the paper and rub the crayon over the paper. They turned out beautifully!

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