Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christmas Tree Bath Paints

We often use themed baths as a way to get excited for upcoming holidays and events. In December a favorite we have is using Christmas Tree Bath Paints. These allow my daughter to create and decorate her very own Christmas tree again and again. It's a great process art since you're obviously unable to save the finished product anyway.

Here are the paints

To make these bath paints all you need is 
- shaving cream
- make up brush or paint brush
- food colorings, green for the Christmas tree, and whatever colors you want for the ornaments. We used red, yellow, and blue.
- containers to hold the paints, we like muffin tins and dip bowls
- essential oils for scents optional. You could use eucalyptus if your child has a cold, or peppermint if you want a Christmasy feel. You just need a few drops in the green bath paint.

You just put the shaving cream into each container, then add the drops of food coloring to each and mix them together with your paint brush or make up brush, rinsing off after each color so they don't mix. 

Set the paints out during bath time and tell your child to make you a Christmas tree! They will delight in this opportunity, especially if the big Christmas tree is off limits to them. 

Here's the gorgeous tree my little love bug created!

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