Sunday, March 2, 2014

Apple Prints

This is one of our favorite stamping activities! Apples are big and easy for little ones to grasp to do their printing with. Making some apple prints is a great addition to an apple themed week or a great way to get excited for fall with your kiddos!

To make apple prints you'll need:

  • Finger paint pad paper (or whatever paper you like to use)
  • Half of an apple (save the other half for eating!)
  • Paper plate
  • Red washable tempera paint
Set these things out for your child on a surface you'll be able to wipe clean easily (highchair tray, table, the floor, etc.) You can even put down a plastic table cloth from the dollar store if you find that necessary. This is really not a very messy activity though.

Your little one will probably go right to stamping with their apples upon seeing the set up. If not, instruct them on how to do it, or show an example by doing it yourself a few times to get them going. Don't forget discuss a bit about apples before, during, or after to get some knowledge in.

When all the painting is done with you'll be left with a beautiful art work you can hang up for fall time! Hanging up kids art work or putting it on display where they can see it and see everyone else admiring it really boots their confidence!

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