Sunday, March 2, 2014

Purple Themed Bath

Are you trying to help your child learn their colors? Or maybe you're just looking for a sensory bath they'll enjoy? If so, you've come to the right place! Themed baths can help kids learn all kinds of things, and they work great for teaching the colors. My little one has known all her colors for a good while now, but she delights in having colored bath water and fun sensory additives! You can see all our other color learning activities here.

Here' one of her favorite colored baths: PURPLE
Although this is a GORGEOUS bath, the set up only took a few minutes. To recreate this Purple Themed Bath in your tub you'll need:

  • Purple craft foam (I actually used construction paper and taped them to the wall, but craft foam would be ideal so they could get wet and stick to the wall)
  • Scissors
  • Purple beaded necklaces (varying shades is best so you can talk about lights and darks for more knowledge)
  • Shaving cream (the dollar store kind for men)
  • A bowl
  • Paint brush or makeup brush
  • Neon purple food coloring
  • A set of bath toy letters (only using the purple ones)
Step 1:
Take your scissors and cut the letters P, U, R, P, L, and E out from your purple craft foam or construction paper. Then add them to the wall.

Step 2:
Start filling up the tub. While the tub is filling up prepare the bath paint. Squirt the desired amount of shaving cream into a bowl and add a few drops of the purple food coloring and mix together with your brush. Once the tub is half way full add a few squirts of purple food coloring into the water and swish it around with your hand to get the color throughout. Add more food coloring and repeat until you've got the desired color.

Step 3:
Use some of the purple bath paint to paint some polka dots on the wall. I always like to use a bit of the bath paint myself to get my daughter interested in it. She clearly loves her bath paints! 

Step 4:
Set the bowl of bath paint with brush inside on the side of the tub. Toss in the purple bath toy letters.

Step 5: 
Put the purple necklaces on your child and put them in the tub to have a blast. Be sure to talk about the color purple and all the different aspects of the bath, especially the word you made, spelling and all! You can even get in some more extra knowledge by identifying the bath toy letters together. 

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